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海底捞懒人火锅 Ha...

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海底捞懒人火锅 Haidilao instant steamboat

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Product Details

Product Names:Haidilao Instant Steamboat The famous Brand in China Flavor:👺Tomato Beef(halal without halal certificate) Ingredients: -Crisp pack(Wheat flour,vegetable oil,sugar,salt,BBQ paste) -Noodle pack(pea,water) -Beef pack(beef meat,vegetable oil,spice,salt,soy sauce) -Tomato soup paste(Tomato sauce,tomato spice,water,Soybean oil,sugar,onion,salt,Ginger,chicken seasoning,MSG,Mixed juice) -Vegetables pack(Lotus,Potato,Fungus,Bamboo shoots) Flavor:👺Spicy Tripe(non-halal found:edible alcohol,liquor) Ingredients: -Vegetables pack(Lotus,Potato,Fungus,Bamboo shoots) -Bean skin pack(edible alcohol) -Beef pack(Cattle Ligament,Tripe,Luzhou-flavor liquor) -Soup paste pack(Beef oil,vegetable oil,salt,chicken seasoning,Bean paste,MSG,Chili,Garlic,Sugar,Luzhou-flavor liquor,Yellow wine,spice) -Crisp pack(Wheat flour,vegetable oil,sugar,salt,BBQ paste)